Operational Consulting, continues its maturity process based on the years of activity it has since 06.06.2006, but mainly based on the return of its partners who have returned in recent years, based on two principles; our competence and bad experiences with the competition. With more than thirty years of professional experience, many professionals with top positions in the automotive industry were trained by us. In 2006 and despite the immense professional experience we had, we quickly realized that this is not just a market of competence. This market and all customers were conquered based on what was different we had to offer and on the competence of what we made available to our customers, and more than that on the non-traditional methodologies that we brought to the market. We are proud to say that we are a well-known partner in the market with good references, we have preferred to offer what is more difficult and which are the specific requirements of various customers in the automotive industry and to transfer to companies not only theoretical knowledge (everyone has the ability to interpret them), but much more than that transfer experience and know-how in the application of the methodologies we propose to teach, which we call transmission of competence.

It is with pride that we can say that practically all the suppliers of the automotive industry are or have been one of our partners, the others do not know what they have lost, but little by little and due to the incompetence of the competition, they are arriving.


FMEA: Os fornecedores que entregam os seus produtos a fabricantes...

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