Transmission of Skills

We are focused on the transmission of knowledge and experience, in such a way that we guarantee that this knowledge becomes a future competence of our partners.

Quality Management Association VDA-QMC

German Automobile Industry Association

AIAG Associate

Internationally recognized organization for the Automotive Industry

GUKSA é líder em inovação no sector:

Requisitos específicos de cliente (CSR) e Gestão da Auditoria orientada de processo e riscos associados (RPAS®)

One week of TPM training in JAPAN

The only internationally recognized training organization for TPM

Master Trainers e Auditores

FIEV 2.0 Production Process Auditor


We are focused on the Operationalization of solutions that are suitable for improvement and added value for our partners, in areas such as Quality, Productivity, Supply Chain and Engineering.

Main business areas


Operational Consulting gives its clients all the necessary support to the supply chain in Portugal

Firstly, this support starts with the technical representation with the customers of the entity that hired the service, going through the monitoring of the performance of the services, visits to customers, follow-up of quality or delivery problems, sorting or containment operations, introduction of engineering changes or new products.

Quality Inspections - Reception Quality

Operational Consulting performs all activities inherent to the evaluation of the Quality of the products received by the customer

In this way, it replaces the customer in this role, providing them with a specialized service, ensuring that this is always carried out by specialists, in order to achieve the desired effectiveness. For this purpose, working methods, means of analysis and decision and resources are available, according to the customer's needs, always providing multiple solutions.

Quality Inspections - Process Quality

Operational Consulting has the resources to organize and carry out the extra process inspections that the customer needs.

These are containment actions that are expected to obtain results quickly, working with method, rigor and discipline, demanding reciprocity regarding the working conditions that are made available, otherwise the expected results cannot be obtained.

Management and calibration of EMM's

Operational Consulting ensures the management of the means of control and measurement, from support to their development and design, through the entire calibration management to the integration of the entire system.

To support this service, the company has one of its partners, HOLJE – Control & Fixture System, as well as contacts with several laboratories, national and international, for the management of calibrations.

Laboratory tests

Operational Consulting provides support from the development of the test plan, in accordance with the main European and customer standards, to the management of specific or routine tests.

Based on the accumulated experience of employees and on the basis of contacts developed with laboratories duly accredited for this purpose, national and international